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Articles Related to Parental Incarceration

Why Children with Parents in Prison Are Especially Burdened, National Journal, 1/25/16

2.7 Million Kids Have Parents In Prison. They're Losing Their Right To Visit, The Nation, December 2, 2015

For Mama by Demaryius, The Players' Tribune, November, 2015

Children Of Incarcerated Parents More Likely to Struggle at School, neaToday, Study Finds, 11/23/15

How Parental Incarceration Affects a Child’s Education, The Atlantic, 11/11/15

FCC Ruling Caps Prison Phone Call Prices, May Enable More Inmate Contact with Families, Anson Record, 10/30/2015

Silent Victims of Crime, National Association for Children of Incarcerated Parents, Fall Newsletter, Fall 2015

Parents Behind Bars: What Happens To Their Children?, October 2015

What's Going on with Prison Reform in America?, 10/21/2015

Tip Sheet for Teachers (Pre K through 12): Supporting Children With An Incarcerated Parent,, 10/7/2015

Incarcerated Mothers Targeted for United Way Parenting Workshop, The Daily Item, 10/2/2015

Meet Melissa Radcliff: Supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents, WUNC 91.5, North Carolina Public Radio, 9/28/2015

A Weight Lifted, A Weight Rewarded: With His Father Out Of Prison, Elon Defender Looks Forward To His First Game In Front Of Him, The Times News, Burlington, NC, 8/31/2015

When Parents Are In Prison, Kids Pay The Price, KALW 91.7 Public Radio, San Francisco, 8/11/2015

Reducing the Effects of Incarceration on Children and Families, Center for Poverty Research, University of California Davis, 8/5/2015

Prison Born, The Atlantic Monthly, July/August 2015

Children of Incarcerated Parents: What Are Their Rights?, Law Street, 7/8/15

Kids With Incarcerated Parents Find Support,Encouragement With This Brooklyn Program, Huffington Post, 6/23/2015

What It's Like To Spend Father's Day In Prison, Huffington Post, 6/20/15

Social Services Today: Strengthening Relationships for Children of Incarcerated Parents, The Durham Herald-Sun, 6/13/15

Elon grad beats odds, creates scholarships for children of prisoners, News & Observer, 5/26/15

Prison, Parents, Pains, Stowe Report, 3/12/15

Seven Out of Ten? Not Even Close, Central Connecticut State University, March 2015

Parents' Incarceration Takes Toll on Children, Studies Say, Education Week, 2/24/15

For Some Mothers In Prison, A Sentence Doesn't Mean Separation, NPR, 2/22/15

How A Parent's Incarceration Mentally And Emotionally Scars Their Children, HuffingtonPost, 2/20/15

The Rise of Prison Nurseries, Pacific Standard, 2/18/15

Why We Need to Care About Children With Incarcerated Parents, Sesame Workshop Blog, 1/30/15

Why We Need to Care About Children With Incarcerated Parents, HuffPost, 1/20/15

Parent Incarceration Can Be Worse For a Child Than Divorce or Death of a Parent,, 8/6/14

Sesame Street Helps Children Deal with Incarcerated Parents, 5/17/14, Durham Herald-Sun

Yes, We Have Markers, 3/10/14, North Carolina Reading Association blog

Phoning From Prison, at Prices Through the Roof, The New York Times, 2/1/14

Mom, grandma root for Broncos star Thomas from prison, The New York Post, 1/27/14

Children Are Collateral Victims When Mom Serves Time, Rutgers Academic Finds

Writing My Songs: Shaka Senghor at TEDxMidwest, TEDx Talks, YouTube, 11/26/2013

The Changing American Family, The New York Times, 11/25/13

NCAEYC Milestones, Fall 2013 page 11

A father-daughter dance — in jail, The Washington Post, 3/20/13

Knitting Behind Bars': Inmates Escape Prison Life With Yarn - ABC News, 1/15/13

The 'Silent Victims' of Incarceration, CNN - 11/26/12

Report from the Joint State Government Commission The Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: Needs and Responsive Services

The Messages Project: Maintaining the Child/Parent Bond During Parental Incarceration - Pediatric Nursing - July/August 2012

Community Voices of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 8/3/12

Keeping Kids Connected With Their Jailed Parents - NPR - 7/18/12

The Monster That Won’t Stop Coming - Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College - 2012

The Texas Observer - 1/9/12

Stanford University Alumni Magazine - November/December 2011 - 12/11

A Call to Action: Safeguarding New York’s Children of Incarcerated Parents A report of the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Helping Parents Behind Bars be Parents, Gotham Gazette - 8/23/11

The Story - Prison Diary. Click on the second story "Listen Now" bar - 7/26/11

Report from the Rebecca Project for Human Rights Mothers Behind Bars - 10/10

Prison Shouldn't be a Bar to Motherhood - WeNews - 7/25/10

Mara Schiavocampo Reports: Mothers behind bars - The Grio - 4/12/10

The US women shackled during childbirth - BBC - 1/9/10

Prisoners of Parole - New York Times - 1/8/10

Breastfeeding in the Big House, Marie Claire, November 2009

Prison Nursery Programs a Growing Trend in Women’s Prisons - - 7/13/09

Giving Life, Wearing Shackles and Chains - New York Times - 7/10/09

In Prisoners' Wake, a Tide of Troubled Kids - New York Times - 7/4/09

Behind Bars, Men Learn to Become Fathers, Durham Herald-Sun, Summer 2009

Incarcerated Women Face Hurdles Re-Entering Society - NPR - 6/22/09

Bringing Up Baby in the Big House - Newsweek - 5/14/09

Why We Must Fix Our Prisons - Parade Magazine - 3/29/09

One in 31 - Pew Center Report - March 2009

8 Months Old and Behind Bars - ABC News - 1/25/09

Lullabies Behind Bars - Ms. Magazine - Fall 2008

Project WHAT! Resource Guide for Teens with a Parent in Prison or Jail, Community Works West, May 2008

Helping Children of Imprisoned Moms, May 2008, St. Anthony Messenger

Mothers Raising Babies Behind Bars - News & Record - 5/11/08

The Pew Center on the States - One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008

Bendheim-Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing, Princeton University - Columbia Population Research Center, Columbia University: Parental Incarceration and Child Wellbeing in Fragile Families, 4/08

Thursday's Child - Broken Bonds: Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Children with Incarcerated Mothers - 2/14/08

Information from the Women's Prison Association (WPA)

In Prison, Toddlers Serve Time With Mom, 12/31/07, New York Times

Prison in Spain has Room for Kids, 2/10/07, USA Today

A Law’s Fallout: Women in Prison Fight for Custody – Wall Street Journal - 2/27/06 

Parenting Behind Bars, New York Times, 4/11/04 – New York Times, 4/11/04

Mom (and Kids) Behind Bars - People - 11/3/03

Women and Children in Prison - Forum - 1/30/03

Legal Barriers Daunting for Ex-con Parents, The Times/Beaver Newspaper, 7/15/02

Left Behind, Mother Jones, 7/10/01

Mommy, why are we in jail? - Redbook - April 2001

Behind Bars, Men Learn to Become Fathers - Durham Herald-Sun